10 Steps To Take When Selling Your Car – PART I

Have you been thinking of buying a new car but before you do you need to sell your current vehicle?  If you have though about this but don’t yet know how to go about it maybe we can help. Selling your car takes a bit of time and effort but if done right you will get a much better price for your car. So in order to help you we thought we would share with you 10 steps that you can follow so that you get the best deal for your car.
01.    Get familiar with the market.

1-get-familiar-with-the-marketBefore you even start thinking about a price you should get familiar with the market. Get online and check some of the most common sites that are used to sell used cars like eBay.com for example. You can also follow these simple rules:
•    Sedans are constantly needed. They are perfect for the basic travel needs of people with none or a few kids.
•    Convertible car sales are seasonal. Fall and winter months will have lower sales while sunny weather will bring out more potential buyers.
•    Trucks and vans have good value as they can be used in many work fields. Don’t underestimate your van’s price.
•    Collector cars require more time to sell and more research. A good collectors car also needs a collector, so finding the right person will not be very easy. But once you find the right person your car’s value will go high.

02.    Price your car competitively.

2-vehicle-appraisalOnce you have determined what other cars similar to yours go for and whether it’s a collector’s item or not you should have it appraised. Do an online search for “UK car appraisal tool” and you will immediately get great results.

The tool will not give you an absolute price that you will need to adhere to. Use your intuition and raise or lower the price based on what you know about the car. Also as a tip you should always ask a bit more than you are willing to accept. Give yourself some wiggle room. Also in general people tend to negotiate in big chunks (for example £500-£1000) instead of small chunks of a few hundred pounds. Consider listing your car with a price such as £5.500.

There is also a psychological price that most people usually fall pray to. For example a product may sell badly for £30 but have great success for £29.50. However this may make you look like a car dealer, so take that into consideration.

03.    Give her a good makeover.

3-give-the-car-a-good-scrubbingOnce you have a basic idea of what your car should go for you should consider giving it a good makeover. Basically you want to give it a nice, clean and shiny look that will impress a potential buyer. Here are some of the things you should consider before even snapping a picture of your car:

•    Go to a car wash and have the exterior cleaned and the interior detailed.
•    Make sure there are no dents in your car. If there are consider repairs instead of selling the car as it is.
•    Get rid of any of your old items from the car before letting a buyer see it.
•    Wipe the dirt and dust off the pedals before showing it. Also use tire gloss on your tires.
•    Give the glass and reflective surfaces a thorough clean.
•    Wipe the dashboard and clean the ashtrays.
•    And of course, make sure the car is mechanically sound. You may also want to keep your maintenance records on hand.

04.    Where to advertise your car.

4-advertise-your-car-online1So now your car runs, looks and smells great. The next step is to actually advertise your car. The best place to advertise your car is online. However you can still use newspaper ads if you think you may find an older buyer that has a better chance of buying your car. That being said, online advertising is more convenient and has more geographical reach.

Basically all you need to do is make a Google search with the term “UK sell used car” and a dozen websites will appear. Here are just some of them:

•    Autotrader.
•    Parkers
•    Motors
•    Gumtree
•    Ebay

These are just some examples. It’s best to make ads on multiple sites and leave a phone number so you can be reached. Also remember to be polite whether it’s in text or direct call, first impressions matter.

05.    Create an appealing ad.

5-create-a-good-adMaking an ad that is appealing and conveys plenty of relevant information on the first glance is very important. Your ad should include information such as the car’s make, model and year. Using various phrases can also go a long way towards transmitting various messages. Such as:

•    Must sell! – a seller that uses this means that he is in a rush to sell the used car and will probably sell at a lower price.
•    OBO (or best offer) – this basically means that the seller will accept offers below the price listed in the ad.
•    Asking price – like OBO this means that the seller wants to negotiate, but is not as eager as in the OBO case.
•     Firm – adding this word in the ad means that you are not willing to negotiate and are not really in a hurry to sell the car.

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