Auctions & dealer deliveries

Auction and Dealer Deliveries”

Auction and Dealer deliveries in LondonDrawing from the strength of our fleet of flatbed transport vehicles we can safely and quickly deliver large numbers of cars, in the safest conditions available and at an affordable rate.

As such we can provide special services for car dealerships or auctioneers that are required to deliver cars all over the United Kingdom in the most expeditious way possible.

We can transport up to thirteen vehicles of various sizes on our extra-long flatbed trucks. Car transport by flatbed is fast, safe and cost effective. The cars can be loaded in a very short amount of time which is very important for car dealers or auctioneers for whom time is of the essence.

Secured Transportation for Auction Deliveries:

One of the common concerns regarding tow trucks is the "chance" that one of the cars will slide off the flatbed and onto the highway. This concern is shared by both regular drivers and customers that request our delivery services for auctioned vehicles. But this isn't an issue and such an incident is extremely rare because each vehicle is secured on the trailer in four locations with chains and straps.

We transport fleets of cars from John O’Groats to Lands’ End for five pence less per mile than the average transportation costs. We also offer deals for the transportation of numerous cars, so call us now to find out more.