Car Transportation. What you need to know.

With the rapid expansion of the car manufacturing industry, people can now purchase cars from anywhere in the world, and this makes car transportation specialists more needed than ever before. Nowadays you can even buy used cars online from other people or even sell your own. Car transport companies help take these transaction to an end by delivering the car to its new owner.

Have you thought about buying or selling a car but still have some questions or doubts about how to go about the shipping? We can help you in that regard. Here are some of the things you will need to know about car transportation.

1. Preparing your car for transport.

1-preparing-the-vehicle-for-transportIf you will be selling a vehicle you will be responsible for getting it ready to be shipped. Make sure that you remove any of your personal  items from the car and leave everything the new owner needs or you have agreen upon, this can include accessories or any paperwork if it was not delivered by other means. It’s also a good idea to ask the transport company for more information about preparing the car for transport. They should be able to give you more specific information.

2. Car insurance  - transport cover.

2-car-insuranceWhile your car insurance policy will cover you if anything happens to your vehicle in transit, this may not include transit while being shipped. You should check with your car insurance provider to make sure what is covered and what is not. Also remember that car insurance will NOT cover personal items left inside the car but your home insurance might. You can check that policy to make sure or contact your home insurance provider. But as we mentioned above, it’s best not to leave any items inside the car.

3. Door to Door vs Terminal to Terminal.

3-door-to-door-terminal-car-transportThere are two main types of vehicle transportation: Door to Door and Terminal to Terminal. Car transportation companies offer different levels of service at different costs depending on the needs of the customer: how fast it needs to be delivered and where it should be picked up from. For a lower cost, terminal to terminal is the best option but the buyer will need to pick up the car from the transporter’s terminal. Door to door is less complicated but can be more expensive.

4. Open trailer transport.

4-open-trailer-transportDepending on what car you want to deliver, how many cars and at what price transporters offer many options. One of the most common is car transport with an open trailer. With this type of transport the car is vulnerable to weather conditions and some customers do not like to deliver a car that will arrive dirty. However there are platic wraps and tarps that can be used to prevent that. The advantage of this method is that it can be used to transport up to 12 cars in one delivery.

5. Closed trailer transport.

5-enclosed-trailer-transportThe cleaner alternative to open trailer transportation is enclosed transportation. This will keep your car safe from the weather and from any potential scraps or scratches from any other elements on the raod. However using an enclosed trailer will cost you more.

6. Motorcycle or ATV transpor.


In the case of motorcycle or ATV transport, these small vehicles are loaded first onto specially designed pallets and tied down with multiple specialized straps to keep the vehicle stabilized in order to protect any fragile components. Then the pallet is loaded onto the enclosed truck and is ready to be shipped.

7. Sports, classic or exotic car transport.

7-exotic-car-transportSports cars, luxury, classic or exotic cars require more care and experience to handle while shipping. The owners of high value cars need to be assured that only the best will be provided for them and that they are in safe hands. Shipping expensive cars also needs an experienced team that can handle anything any potential problems or issues at any stage of the transportation process.

8. Car arrival.

8-car-arrivalIf you are expecting a vehicle shipment you will either have to pick up the car from the terminal or expect a phone call from the transporter. It’s important to remember that transport companies rarely provide pick-up or delivery times as unexpected problems can occur during travel. The best for a good experience for both you and the transporter is to have patience and wait until contacted.

There are many great car transportation companies in the UK. At we will provide you with an affordable service tailored to your specific needs. We can even provide transportation for fleets of cars. For us, getting your car in the exact same condition it left is the number one priority.