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10 Steps To Take When Selling Your Car – PART II

The first part of our article talked about the first five stages of a used car sale scenario: getting to know the market, making sure you have the right price in mind, giving the car a proper scrubbing, learning where to advertise the car and how to create an appealing ad. Now let’s find out…
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Roadside Assistance in the UK. What you need to know.

Breakdown coverage and roadside assistance are services designed to help drivers that have been stranded on the road after their vehicle has suffered mechanical failure. Not a long time ago most motorists were capable of fixing small mechanical issues themselves. However as cars became more complicated this meant that there was now a need for…
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The Benefits of Vehicle Recycling in London

Scrap cars are important sources of material that if properly recycled can be made into new and more modern products. Until recently vehicle recycling wasn’t regarded as a necessity and old cars were just found aging by the sides of the road. Nowadays around 75% of the materials that make up vehicles are completely recycled,…
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Car Transportation. What you need to know.

With the rapid expansion of the car manufacturing industry, people can now purchase cars from anywhere in the world, and this makes car transportation specialists more needed than ever before. Nowadays you can even buy used cars online from other people or even sell your own. Car transport companies help take these transaction to an…
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