Flatbed service

Flatbed Transport in London”

Flatbed transport service in LondonOne of the fastest and safest ways to transport vehicles is with specialized vehicles equiped with flat bed trailers. Flatbed towing can be used to pick up broken down cars or transport one or multiple cars over short or long distances.

These types of trailers are usually equipped with four wheels placed together at the center of the platform to provide more stability and prevent any swaying during the trip. Loading a car onto such a lorry is very easy, you just drive (if the car is in driving condition) or push the car on the flatbed, the park it and secure it with chains and straps. Once that’s done you’re good to go.

The benefits of using flatbed towing:

• Low risk of damaging your bumper. Due to the fact that your vehicle is secured flat on the trailer the probability of your bumper getting scrapped while going over a pot hole, speed bump or sharp incline is close to null.
• Lower risk of damaging the transmission. Traditional towing can have a negative impact on the transmission of some vehicles. Flatbed towing removes that risk.

slider5 We can transport cars anywhere in the UK using our transportation vehicles, tow truck and flatbed vehicles, so if you’ve broken down on holiday we can guarantee to transport your car or recreational vehicle back to your local garage and offer you a replacement so you can arrive home safely and stress free too.
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