How to Scrap your Car for Good Cash

If you happen to have an old car occupying space in your driveway and don’t know yet what to do with it then you may consider scrapping it for some cash. You have a few options when it comes to this. Depending on how much time and effort you are worth putting into this you will have to choose how you proceed.

Find out how you can get rid of your car and make some money out of it during it’s last days.

Scrapping cars for profit. How to make some cash out of your old car:
Here are six things you should consider if you have decided that your old car is just taking up space and needs to go away and scrapping is the way to go:

1. The Value of your car is in the weight;

For you it may seem that your car has some value but for scrappers the only thing that really matters is the weight of the car as opposed to the value of the parts. Basically, you will not be getting a few extra pounds for the stereo system or some new parts that you have installed.

2. You can make good money out of parts;

Following off from the first point, the scrapper is more interested in the value of the scrap metal. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a market for used parts that can still be used. You can make a good profit out of parts but it will take effort and it will take time. For starters you will need to drain the car’s fluids, remove the wiring, then the mechanical parts, seats and so on. The time and effort part is only half of the downside. The second part is finding a buyer but if you have a garage in which you can store the parts you can take the time to find your buyers.

3. Less profitable by selling to junk yards;

As mentioned previously you can make a better profit by removing all that can be sold individually out of your car before sending it for scrapping. However if you cannot handle the disadvantages of this solution, meaning you don’t have the time or the will to do it then you can sell it as it is the a junkyard. There are two advantages to selling it like it is. One – you will get a few hundred pounds for the car and Two – the car will be picked up from your home.

4. Consider the car’s year, make and model;

If you have decided you will remove what parts you can from your car and sell them individually you should consider your car’s year, make and model. This is important because there are vehicles that have been produced over long periods of time without any major changes to the parts. This means that there will be an abundance of cheap parts on the market.

5. Your location will determine your payout;

The price of scrapping your car varies between different salvage yards or junkers all over the country. Some scrap yards also prefer certain types of vehicles over others and they may be interested in buying yours either for scrapping, refurbishing parts, resale or restoration. Another factor that determines how much you will get for your car is the distance between your home and the scrap yard where it will be towed.

6. Not to confuse junk value with used value;

If your car is old but still runs rather smoothly despite it’s age don’t think you will get a bigger payout at a salvage yard. You won’t get a few thousand pounds for a car that is still running because the business of salvage yards is based around scrapping and recycling, not buying and reselling cars. If you have such a car it’s better for you to try and sell it whole or in parts.

You can also sell your car. If it’s not worth it to you to sell it doesn’t mean it’s not for someone else. Your car may also be a collector’s item for the right person. Look around the web, you may find someone that will pay a great price for your old car.

If neither of the options we mentioned above are good for you then you could always donate your car to charity. You won’t be making any cash out of this but will get a big dose of good karma.

If you have just been in an accident and your car is totaled on the side of the road we can help tow it for you to the repair shop or the nearest junk yard.  Use our scrap car clearance service to move your broken vehicle.