International car transportation

International and Long Distance Vehicle Transport”

Long distance car transporterOur fleet operates nationwide. With our tow trucks and flatbed lorries we can transport any number of cars anywhere in the United Kingdom and beyond.

As with all our other services, safety, swiftness and affordable rates are our three main advantages. We also perform international vehicle deliveries in a safe and efficient way.

International car transportation

Well maintained vehicles for safe deliveries:

Our vehicles are all up to date and in optimum condition ensuring your car(s) arrives in exactly the same pristine condition it was left in. We can transport both single cars or multiple cars internationally on our extra-long flatbed transport vehicles.

Secured transportation over long distances:

Making sure that your vehicle arrives at the destination in pristine condition is our priority. This is why our teams work with the highest degree of care while handling your vehicle. Vehicles are also secured in multiple places with straps and chains on the flatbed trailer to avoid any scratches or bumps while on the long distance trip.

Our customer service team can track your car on its journey, and on request will give you updates on the progress of the transportation, ensuring you never lose sight of your precious cargo.

We can handle long distance transportation for:

• New Cars or Used Cars;
• Classic, Antiques and Vintage cars;
• Prestige Cars;
• Scrap Cars;
• Motorcycles;
• Junk Yard Cars;
• Trailers and Recreational Vehicles;
• Multiple Cars for Dealerships and Auctioneers.

We are only one call away. Call us right away if you are in need of quick, safe and affordable long distance or international transportation for your car/cars.