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About Total Car Recovery


Here at Total Car Recovery our goal is to offer swift and low cost car breakdown recovery solutions in the London and M25 areas. Our commitment to excellent customer care is deeply rooted in all our services which include: car breakdown recovery, car transportation, vehicle delivery, car recycling and car purchase. We take the hassle out of breakdowns and get you back on the road in no time. Sincerely, The Team.

In order to cover such a large and busy city like London, we operate out of numerous depots located all over the city as well as on the M25, to make our response time as short as possible.
We provide an efficient and low cost service to the residents and businesses in the London area with help of a dedicated team of professionals.

We work on a 24/7 schedule in any conditions, be it rain, snow or shine. Our primary goal is to fix your car problem on the roadside and get you mobile immediately.
If however your problem can’t be fixed on the spot we will offer you a car for hire to get you where you needed to be before the breakdown.

While car breakdown recovery is our primary business we also provide additional services such as: battery boosts, car transport, wreckage recovery, accident management, towing services as well as multi-vehicle deliveries for car dealers or auctioneers and special transportation for sports cars and luxury cars.

We cover the entire London and M25 area for car breakdown interventions and the entire United Kingdom for car delivery services. Our rates are some of the lowest in the business and our employees are trained professionals that wish only to offer the best and fastest assistance possible.

We can handle all roadside situations


Immediate roadside assistance when in need of car breakdown recovery, car towing or battery boost in the London and M25 area.

The entire London and M25 area is under our covered area for car recovery services and due to our large number of depots in this area our response time for a car recovery is very short.
When called to recover a car, our team will try to repair your car on the spot to get it in working conditions and if it just won’t start, we will tow it back to our garage and offer you a car for hire to get you back on the road.


Our fleet of specialized vehicles and flatbed trucks can handle car recovery after multi-vehicle accidents, car clearance or wreckage recovery.

In the unfortunate event of a multiple vehicle accident we can intervene with our fleet of flatbed and specialized vehicles to recover all the damaged cars, provide the necessary assistance and repair as well as clear the road of any debris. Because we work out of more than one depot our response time to any call is very short and the area we cover includes the entire capital plus the M25.