We buy any car

we buy cars

We buy any car

Whether you drive a twenty year old Skoda or a spanking new Porsche, we will offer you the best deal for your car, in a quick and convenient way, ensuring you sell your car within a matter of hours, and we leave you happy, satisfied and with a pocket full of cash!

Why choose to work with us?

With so many dealerships out there offering cold hard cash for your car, you may wonder why you should choose us, however our business policy is simple, we strive for customer service excellence across the board, we promise to make the transaction as quick and paper free as possible, and we deliver on our pledge by giving you the best deal for your unwanted car.

On top of this, if your MOT has expired, or you haven’t renewed the tax, we will pick up your car and swap it for money regardless of the price or age.

What about selling it myself?

You can opt to sell the car yourself, through an auction website, auction house, or even an ad in the paper, however we take the expense out of your advertising, and the stress out of the endless phone calls, (which nine times out of ten as soon as you promote your car will be other dealerships offering to sell it for you). We will give you an honest price taking the gamble out of your car sale and leaving you safe in the knowledge that you received the best deal whilst ridding yourself of your unwanted vehicle.

Added to this, test drives can be daunting, the potential buyer may damage the car, or try to find fault in order to reduce the price further, not to mention rubber cheques, and if the cheque does bounce, do you really want to spend months chasing a stranger through the smalls claim courts?

Selling the car through a dealership?

Car salesmen don’t have a reputation of selling ice to Eskimos for nothing. Unless you’re professionally trained in patter, you will meet with highly trained sales experts whose sole purpose it is to bargain with you and beat you into submission.

The team that handles car purchases at Total Car Recovery is not made up of car salesmen; we simply assess the make and model of your car, offer you a fixed price and then allow you to make up your mind about the deal. It’s as simple as that.