Roadside Assistance in the UK. What you need to know.

Breakdown coverage and roadside assistance are services designed to help drivers that have been stranded on the road after their vehicle has suffered mechanical failure. Not a long time ago most motorists were capable of fixing small mechanical issues themselves. However as cars became more complicated this meant that there was now a need for experts to provide vehicle repairs on the road. This is how the roadside assistance service started.

Some of the first companies were the RAC (Royal Automobile Club) in the UK and the AAA (American Automobile Association) in the US. However it was with the development of communication technology that this type of service became more practical. At first it was with emergency phone boxes but nowadays, mobile phones have made calling for help effortless. As we move forward we will tell you what road assistance includes and how you can get help.

How to get roadside assistance:

Car Insurance. One way to get roadside assistance is to get a car insurance that includes this type of emergency service. Keep in mind that most insurers have a set coverage area. So if your car breaks down in the covered area, call your insurance company and they will take care of it.

Car Recovery Service. Your alternative if you don’t have road assistance coverage is to contact a specialized breakdown recovery service provider, like us. Simply give us a call and we will send a team to assess your situation and provide you with a solution.

What roadside assistance service includes:

Roadside assistance generally includes the following types of services:

•         Diagnosis. The first thing that our experts do once they get to your vehicle is to provide a quick diagnosis in order to detect the origins of the mechanical failure.

•         Towing Service. If your vehicle is unable to be repaired by the side of the road we will be able to tow your vehicle to one of our closest garages for further investigations and repair.

•         Flat Tire Change. Sometimes car breakdown can be something as simple as a flat tire. If this is the case we can get you back on the road immediately

•         Battery Jumpstart. If you don’t have jumper cables or there is no other vehicle there to power up your battery you can call us and we will send a team to help you right away.

•         Locksmithing Service. Did you lock yourself out of the car and have no way to get your spare keys? We can help you in this regard as well and we are just a phone call away.

•         Emergency Fuel and Fluid Delivery. Although it doesn't happen too often, sometimes the reason we are called is because of an empty tank. We can deliver gas and other fluids that your car may require and get you back on your way.

Easy Access, inclusive service:

Our road assistance service is easily accessible. All you have to do is give us a call and we will help you out in a quick, efficient and professional manner. We strongly suggest you save our number so if you do happen to be in trouble we will be a few phone taps away.

Our goal is to help you with whatever situation arises, from a simple tyre change to more complicated mechanical problems that require an expert’s touch. Whatever the situation and whatever the hour, feel free to call us and we will send a team to provide immediate roadside assistance.